Amalfi Coast

We spent some time in Italy in 2022. We started in Naples, then went to the Amalfi Coast (Anacapri, Positano, and Ravello), and ended our stay in Rome.

The first 21 pictures are from the Amalfi Coast. It's incredibly gorgeous! Like most of my photos, they don't do justice to the area - you'll just have to go there yourself.

The last nine photos were taken in Rome. "Amazing" doesn't begin to describe this beautiful city.

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This is Circus Maximus in Rome. I suspect it looks a little different than it did in the days of the chariot races!
The truly awe-inspiring Roman Colosseum.
The Arch of Constantine, built in the year 315 (that's not a typo)!
The Altar of the Fatherland, built to celebrate a unified Italy.
The Castel Sant' Angelo, commissioned as a mausoleum, used as a fortress, now a museum.
St. Peter's Basilica, one of the most famous churches in the world, in Vatican City.
A view of one of the many beautiful churches, looking down one of the many narrow streets in Rome.
The Church of Sant' Agnese in Agone, in Piazza Navona.
This is the Pantheon (not to be confused with the Parthenon, which is in Greece), opened circa 125 AD (again, not a typo).
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