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Top six pics for May, 2022

Each month, I’ll put up six “photos of the month,” just for fun.  I don’t have any criteria for which pictures will go in here – just whatever strikes my fancy at the time.  I hope you enjoy ’em.

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Two amazing arches, from the Arches National Park gallery
This is for fans of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers - even Mother Nature loves maroon and gold! This photo is found in the Sonoma 2021 gallery.
This was taken just after sunrise, in a field in the fall. This is from the Fall 2020 gallery.
This photo shows the Margerie Glacier calving. It's impressive, and at the same time, the implications are scary. This is from the Glacier Bay National Park gallery
Sometimes winter scenes can be beautiful, even though they're pretty simple. This picture is from the Winter gallery
This is a picture of rime ice on the needles of a pine tree. It's from the Winter 2 gallery.
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