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“Top six pics for September, 2021”

Each month, I’ll put up six new “photos of the month,” just for fun.  I don’t have any criteria for which pictures will go in here – just whatever strikes my fancy at the time.  I hope you enjoy ’em.

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This squirrel was probably grumpy that my bird feeder was empty, even though it was a long way from my home. This is from the Glacier National Park gallery.
Here are the Grand Teton (left) and Mount Moran (right) peaks. This photo is found in the Grand Teton National Park gallery.
The sunshine hitting the trees at a cool angle shows an unusual set of colors. This is from the Southeast Alaska gallery.
This coastal brown bear (sometimes referred to as a "grizzly") looks under a rock for food. This is from the Glacier Bay National Park gallery
This probably isn't what you think of when you think of "Hawai'i," but I liked the almost-parallel tree lines here.. This picture is from the Hawai'i gallery
I like much of the architecture in San Diego, especially in Balboa Park, where this was taken. This is from the San Diego gallery.
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