Colorado National Parks

In addition to Rocky Mountain National Park (click here for the gallery), we went to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and Great Sand Dunes National Park, both of which are also in Colorado (we'll have to save Mesa Verde NP for another time). The three parks are gorgeous, and have an amazing variety of landscapes.

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The color in the rocks is incredible.
This was taken along the south rim of Black Canyon.
More igneous intrusions in this park.
These sand dunes are seen from Black Canyon.
This is a view from the Painted Rock area of Black Canyon.
These falls are in Box Canyon Falls Park in Ouray, Colorado.
A view of Ouray, Colorado, from Box Canyon Falls Park. Ouray is surrounded by mountains on three sides.
This was taken near the entrance to Great Sand Dunes National Park.
The wind does pretty cool things to the sand in the park.
Fun little ridges in the sand
There's some great color in the swirls in the sand, too.
I wonder where the person who made these footprints started.
The shapes of the ridges can change very quickly.
Another view of Great Sand Dunes NP
The position of the sun is also a factor in the view.
More amazing color in an amazing area
Even the water in the creek looks cool.
More funky designs in the flow of the water in the creek
This was taken in Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.
Here is the "kissing camels" formation in Garden of the Gods.
This is a view of Pike's Peak from the B&B we stayed at in Colorado Springs.
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