Dutch Flower Parade

Every year, the Netherlands hosts a Tulip Festival. One of the highlights of the Tulip Festival is the Dutch Flower Parade. The parade consists of floats made up of tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils. The creativity and beauty are amazing, and the floats smell great!

The parade is 42 kilometers long. It starts in the beach town of Noordwijk, and goes through Sassenheim and Lisse before passing by the incredible Keukenhof gardens. The parade then goes through Hillegom before ending in Haarlem, about 12 hours after it starts.

The following photos are of the floats in the 2023 Flower Parade, except for one picture of three Tulip Festival ambassadors, and a few shots of cars that are driven between the floats, cars which themselves are dressed with lots and lots of gorgeous flowers.

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