Christmas markets

We went to some of the wonderful Christmas markets in Europe. We started in Vienna, Austria, then went to Nuremberg, Germany. From there it was on to Colmar, France (with a side trip to Strasbourg), and finally Basel, Switzerland.

The markets are amazing, for the booths, the decorations, the festive atmosphere, and so much more, including the gluhwein.

One of the many cool features of the markets is the mug that is available for purchase when a person buys gluhwein or hot chocolate. Each market has its own styled mug (some in France have plastic cups, instead), and some of them have multiple mugs for purchase.

Another great part of the markets is the lighting. The cities go all-out to decorate their buildings, streets, and markets with wonderful lights. Strasbourg in particular also decorates the buildings with many, many, many bears.

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Big "ornament" lights in a park in Vienna
The English translation of this is "Viennese Christmas Market." You can barely make out the Vienna City Hall in the background.
This is a similar view to the previous pic, but during the daytime and during a snow shower. The Vienna City Hall is more visible in this photo.
These are some of the booths in a market in Vienna.
This is an example of the lighting in the streets of the market cities. This one is in Vienna.
This is one of the mugs available for purchase. It has a drawing of the Vienna City Hall (Rathaus).
This is a fairly typical booth, selling a LOT of ornaments.
More booths selling more ornaments and gluhwein.
The gently-falling snow added a lot to the festive holiday atmosphere.
Angels in the streets of Nuremburg
These bears on sleds were on a building in Colmar.
Lots of lights were on lots of buildings in Colmar.
A ferris wheel and the lights of Colmar in the evening
Same ferris wheel and lights a couple of hours later
I'm not sure what happened to Santa here. I was a little afraid to ask.
This photo, and the next dozen or so, are from Strasbourg, where decorations and lights are a huge deal.
More bears on more balconies of more buildings
Bears and ornaments dangling from windows
They use rather tall trees in their markets.
This building holds a December "calendar," and opens a different "present" each day.
These pig decorations are above a restaurant fittingly named Porcus.
These barrel lights are above a street with many bars.
"Strasbourg, Christmas Capital"
Many trees are decorated with hearts, stars, snowflakes, etc.
More lights above the streets of Strasbourg
Angels blowing trumpets are a common sight. The lights in the upper middle of the shot are from the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Strasbourg.
At the right you can see the signs posted above the booths at the market.
I thought these hearts in boxes were cool.
These are some of the fancier lights in Strasbourg - "candles" in chandeliers.
"Christmas market"
More hearts, more snowflakes
A cool-looking "Christmas tree" outside the Strasbourg central train station
This photo is from a market in Strasbourg, with the Cathedral of Notre Dame in the background.
A market in Basel, as seen from the Basel Cathedral
This is a "pyramid" outside one of the markets in Basel.
This is a cherub in Basel, holding aloft a sausage. I like to think he holds it year-round.
Pere Noel and Pere Fouettard (Father Christmas and Whipping Father)
I think this photo speaks for itself.
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