We spent some time in Norway with friends in 2023. We started in Stavanger, then went to Bergen, Stalheim, Flam, Oslo, and back to Stavanger.

Norway is an amazing country! The natural beauty is incredible, the people are friendly, and the food is delicious! It's also huge, and we saw just a small portion of it. I'm looking forward to going back!

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This crevice is near the top of the hike to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), a short day trip from Stavanger.
This is the view near the top of the hike to Pulpit Rock.
On the right of this picture is Pulpit Rock. A person has to time a photograph just right, in order to get no people in the view, as it's usually pretty crowded at the top.
This is a view of the city of Stavanger, early in the morning.
These houses with grass roofs can be seen on the hike to Pulpit Rock.
I like to think this seagull was singing its morning song to us.
These buildings are part of the color and charm of Bergen.
This isn't an optical illusion. The stairs are slanted at the bottom, and get more so as you go to the top.
I really like the colors of many of the houses and other buildings in Norway.
Bergen is a very busy city with an active port.
This view is from the top of the Floibanan funicular, on Mount Floyen in Bergen.
This is an example of the beauty of the country of Norway.
It would be quite cool to wake up to this view every morning.
There is a lot of great color in this gorgeous country.
While Norway has many bustling cities, parts of it are very peaceful and tranquil.
It's hard to provide scale in a photo like this, but the walls of the fjords are very high and impressive.
The jaggedness of the rock jutting out from the wall is pretty cool.
More cool-looking buildings in Bergen
Trolls are very popular in Norway.
It looks like they had ALMOST enough green paint to finish the building.
Again with the peace and tranquility
This is the view from our hotel in Stalheim.
This is the view of the same area, about ten minutes later.
This is Fantoft Stavkirke outside of Bergen, one of the stave churches in Norway.
I stared at the beauty of this scene for a few minutes before taking the photo.
If you look closely, you can see the road at the bottom of this photo, showing the immensity of the surrounding area.
This is a picture of the train we took from Flam to Myrdal (and back).
The colors of these houses made me smile.
I enjoyed the positioning of the switchbacks next to the waterfalls.
I debated adding this to the gallery, but decided to include it, just for the fun of it.
A drive from one city to another also shows the amazing beauty of Norway.
Some of the great color a person sees in the country
It would be great fun to see the countryside during the time of peak color.
One of the many streams we came across in our travels
Yes, these are trees growing out of the roof of this building. I'd love to see the roots inside the structure.
This piece of art, aptly titled "The Monolith," is one of the many sculptures of nudes in Vigeland Park (part of Frogner Park) in Oslo.
Gustav Vigeland's work includes more than 200 sculptures in the park.
These books hang from one of the ceilings of the Oslo Public Library, which is worth a visit in itself.
Another wonderful piece of work at the Oslo library
This sculpture is in the Oslo Fjord, just outside the Oslo Opera House.
This wood carving shows some of the fjords near the city of Flam.
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