We spent some time in the wonderful country of Portugal. We were in Porto, then Lisbon, then the Algarve region in the southern part of the country.

The people we met were incredibly friendly, the food was delicious, the scenery was outstanding, and the vibe was pretty laid-back, even in the bigger cities.

We were mostly impressed with the architecture and the natural beauty of the country.

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Tiles like this are on many buildings. Most of them are hand-painted.
Like many places in Europe, colorful buildings abound in Portugal. These are in Porto.
Porto is a very hilly city. Getting around on foot is a pretty good workout.
These are a few of the amazing sand sculptures we found in Lisbon.
This is one of the cool buildings in Sintra, a fun day trip from Lisbon.
This is the Pena Palace in Sintra, an incredible site that alone is worth the trip.
Some of the artwork on the walls in Portugal is truly excellent! These snails are found in Lagos.
Some of the stunning landscape in the Algarve region
Forty-meter-high cliffs near one of the many gorgeous beaches in Algarve
We found the water on Portugal's coast to be incredibly clear.
Some people fish from the cliffs. Again, these are 40 meters high.
This sculpture in Porto was made from recycled trash.
This is a photo of the Douro Valley and the Douro River from one of Portugal's outstanding wineries.
This is an example of the terraces built in vineyards in Portugal. They were built anywhere from 100 to 250 years ago, and all done by hand.
A "typical" narrow road in Lisbon
This is a statue of a woman holding what appears to be a Dust-Buster. Sometimes it's fun to just see quirky stuff.
An arch/monument in Lisbon
These hand-cut and hand-laid tiles are in Rossio Plaza in Lisbon.
A different view of the same tiles in Rossio Plaza
A gorgeous castle in Sintra
These snakes, and other decorations, are on the walls of Pena Palace in Sintra.
These knights are also on the walls of Pena Palace.
This is also found at Pena Palace. Truly, it's worth the trip.
These tunnels, and nearby caves, are at a beach near Lagos.
This lighthouse is at the most southwesterly point of Europe. Some people thought it was the end of the world. I suspect some still do.
These high-rise bird nests are found in the suburbs of Lisbon.
I thought this bridge looked cool. I still do.
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