Rocky Mountain National Park

We went to Rocky Mountain National Park, one of our favorites. Please note that the photos of the elk and the moose look the way they do because of zoom lenses - we weren't nearly as close to these magnificent animals as it might appear.

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Getting up early in the morning, to hike, to make photos, or just to take in the scenery, is a great idea.
This guy was wandering onto the path we were hiking. I like the way the sun shone on his antlers.
He was making his way from the hill to the lake.
He and a buddy took a stroll in the lake.
I like that they're looking in the same direction, and I like the sun shining on them.
This seems rather similar to the previous photo, but the little wave from the leg-lift looked cool to me, so I put it in.
I think it's cool when an animal looks right at you.
Rocky Mountain National Park is more than just mountains and animals. There are gorgeous flowers, plants, trees, etc., as well.
The sun just starting to hit the mountains, but not yet the trees, looks pretty striking.
A rock slide, a couple of weeks before we arrived, caused the water in this stream to turn blue.
Same stream, different look
That stream led to this lake, which was a lovely bright green.
Early in the morning, you can watch the sun rise or, in this case, watch the moon set.
This marmot found a nice berry for breakfast...
...while this marmot had just finished one.
This moose was peacefully eating in a clearing as we turned the corner.
We think she had a calf with her, but there was no way we were going to get closer to take a look.
I want to emphasize that we were a long way from the moose, and the "close-up" effect is due to a nice zoom lens and some cropping of the photo.
Here we're in the alpine region of the park, vastly different from other areas.
The lack of trees, and the short growth period of plants, make the alpine area a different type of beautiful.
I found the rocks to be especially amazing.
There's not much snow in the alpine area in mid-August.
The rock in the park has some incredible color.
More incredible color
Rocky Mountain is also a great park for bees.
These are thorns on some of the smaller plants in the park.
I appreciate the tiny rainbow in this photo.
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