Southeast Alaska

We spent a week in southeast Alaska, and loved it. We were in Ketchikan, Juneau, Glacier Bay National Park (click here for another gallery, with photos from a boat trip in the park), and Sitka. In addition to the boat trip in the park, we took a ferry from Ketchikan to Juneau - gorgeous scenery all around.

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Nice color on a pond in Glacier Bay National Park
The number of eagles in southeast Alaska is amazing!
It was very calm on this hike in the park.
Two eagles flying above Sitka, Alaska
The trees were beautiful in this rain forest.
One of the many beautiful totems from a native Alaskan culture
What looks like animals hanging on this tree is really simply moss.
Three eagles flying above Sitka, Alaska
A native design in Glacier Bay National Park
A view of Sitka, Alaska
One eagle flying above Sitka, Alaska
This is "devil's club," one of the many beautiful flowers in Alaska.
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