Whimsical pictures

Sometimes you see somewhat unexpected things, funny things, or things that just make you smile.  It's fun to have a camera ready for those times.  These pictures appear in other galleries, but I wanted to put 'em together in one spot, too, just for fun.

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Moose aren't very good at "hide and seek."
Woodchucks, however, are experts at the game.
Pelicans doing yoga
Falling coconuts in... Alaska???
Welcome to the kangaroo lounge. Feel free to come in and relax...
...or just head over to the sea lion lounge.
If you don't look closely, you might miss the skink.
Mozart rubber ducks in Salzburg
Just a coyote hanging out on the golf course
There's always one in the group not paying attention.
What today's well-dressed sheep are wearing.
Sea lions floating after a hard day of being sea lions
This is NOT one of my former principals. Really. No lie.
Marmot love
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